Our dive sites are within the Montego Bay Marine Park, where you find the famous talk about dive site in Jamaica. Only 5 minutes bus ride form the Cruise ship pier. Please note that these are just some of our name dive sites.

Sunset Reef Only 5 minutes boat rides, with the most gorgeous formation of carol reef, suitable for beginners at a depth of 40ft.

Secrets Reef Created for nature lover in 60, ft a home for varieties of small reef fishes and a wide range of carol such as sponge carols, brain carols, fan carols.

Spanish Anchor A single tank dive, to this site is not enough for hard core diver, there are so much going on, a busy home for parrot fish, sergeant major and grunt .The formation of the sheet carol created some swim through. This is also the home of two anchors that has been there since 1800 centre.

Classroom Reef A wide range of fishes, which travel in large schools.

Widower Maker Cave Depth Range 40-80 ft, the cave its self is not very large, but while going up through the chimney-like passage to the shallow reef. Schools of glassy sweepers hide in these dark recesses and their bodies create golden accents. Keep your hoses and gauges close to you so you do not get caught in or damage the carol.

Basket Reef Located east of Widowmakers Cave, this dive site provider an opportunity to stay either on the top of the wall, or travel along it depending on the experience of the divers. Giant basket sponges dominant this site.

Chatham Reef This beautiful, low-profile, shallow reef has huge stands of soft gorgonians in abundant, in examine the vibrant colors of the creatures that inhabit, create a beautiful pattern in one of nature’s many under water creations.

The Point 80- 110ft Moderate to strong advanced diver, near very deep water, this site has the benefit of the ocean currents, the visibility therefore is nearly always excellent and the plankton in the water attracts many fish, creating the ultimate wall dive.